English First League Teams

Corporation is the highest level of the English Football League that started in 1992. It consists of 20 teams competing for the league cup. It is the world’s most watched sports league with an estimated 4.7 billion fans. Since its inception, it is the football league with the highest revenue in the world and has some of the world’s wealthiest clubs.

It began with 22 teams competing for the final cup, but the number got reduced to 20 teams. 49 clubs have played so far in the Premier League.

Each season of the Premier League begins in August and runs up to May the following year. During the whole season, each team contests in a total of 38 matches which are played on home grounds and away too.

  • Transfers

The transfer window is open on two occasions in the Premier League; 2 months before the season commences and for 1 month during mid-season. During this period, clubs get opportunities to buy new players, sell and loan players.

  • Winnings

Since its creation, only six teams have managed to win the Premier League title:

  • Manchester United with thirteen wins
  • Chelsea with five wins
  • Arsenal with three wins
  • Manchester City with three wins
  • Blackburn Rovers with one win and
  • Leicester City with one win

Teams are ranked using points earned, goal difference and the number of goals they score. A victory in a match scores each team 3 points while a draw gets them 1 point. There are no points for any game that a team loses.

The clubs that make it to the top three of the Premier League get to compete in the Champions League with the top teams from football leagues in other countries.

The English Premier League is an internationally successful football league, with billions of fans across the world, which brings together 20 football clubs to contest for the top position.


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