Facts About Woodford United FC

Britain is home to many football clubs Woodford included. This is among the fastest growing clubs in England. Its history, achievements, and honors provide an insight into the team structure. Below are some facts about this club you should know.


The team’s establishment was in 1946. This is the time when football resumed after the Second World War. It replaced Woodford Central that had been existent before the war. Woodford in 1964 left Rugby & District League to join the Central Northants combination. It won the league in 1966 and 1967. Later on, in 1970, it moved to the United Counties League. In 1978, it would withdraw from the UCL after losing their grounds.


Before the 2015-2016 season, its manager Adam Knight left the club. He was later replaced by Darran Foster. He had at one point managed Daventry United. Even before the season could start, he left too. He went back to be a manager at Daventry Town. Arron Parkinson, a former United player succeeded him with the help of Ady Fuller.


The clubs home grounds are on Bayfield road. Next to it are pitches where they carry out their training. The pitches also serve as parking slots. It has added more facilities courtesy of the Football Associations grant.

Honors and Achievements

Woodford has won and also lost. In 2005-2006, they were the United Counties League winners. They came seventh in 2009-2010 in the Southern league championships. Around 2004-2007, Woodford held the title of best FA cup winners and best FA vase performance.

Sources of Finances

Financial issues affect almost all football clubs. Woodford has handled this by seeking sponsors and entering lucrative deals with brands. It has also lent out its players at good prices and bagged major TV deals.

There’s much more to Woodford United than its player’s appearances and recent matches. To understand this team better, read the above details.


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